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New Zealand has a worldwide reputation for being a welcoming and safe destination. New Zealanders are renowned for their honesty, friendliness, and openness.

New Zealand is one of the world’s most affordable English speaking destinations. New Zealand is also one of the most racially tolerant, welcoming all ethnicities and religions. Our proximity to the countries of the South Pacific Islands, Asia and Australia creates a world of opportunities for our students. New Zealanders and visitors have great access to a wide range of sporting facilities, such as Golf courses and other cultural and recreation centres. New Zealanders’ adventurous spirit is contagious and with an abundance of natural beauty scattered across the North and South Island, it’s hard to resist the local outdoor sports.

New Zealand lies in the South Pacific to the east of Australia and consists of both the North and South Islands, and a number of smaller islands. New Zealand is an English-speaking country with a population of approximately four million people. The influence of Pacific Island, Asian and European immigrants during recent times has helped shape New Zealand into a vibrant and diverse multicultural society. With a low population density, all New Zealanders and visitors have great access to a wide range of sporting facilities, such as Golf courses, and other cultural and recreation centres.

New Zealand is world famous for the variety of its beautiful environment. The diverse scenery includes impressive mountainous areas, fertile farmland, as well as beautiful coastlines with stunning sandy beaches. New Zealanders and visitors enjoy the wonderful environment in many ways, ranging from relaxing bush walking and soaking in thermal pools, through to adventurous outdoor activities including Hiking, Mountaineering, Kayaking, etc . The climate is the reverse of the northern hemisphere. Summer months of December – April are warm, while we do get colder weather in the winter months of July – November.

What You'll Study

New Zealand is always known for its quality education. New Zealand education system is flexible. It is all about you. You can study in a way that suits your lifestyle and career aspirations. A centuries-old tradition of excellence, an innovative approach to teaching with the freedom given to you makes New Zealand education recognized and respected all over the world.

When you study in New Zealand, you meet people from different nationalities, and you are able to share their backgrounds and discover new perspectives. To ensure that their standards remain high, there are many independent organizations that regularly inspect and accredit New Zealand institutions and courses. It provides an exciting opportunity to make a distinctive contribution not only to the development of professional practice across the region and internationally, but also to the enhancement of the University’s learning and teaching capability and research strengths. You can definitely be sure that studying in New Zealand is the right choice to make most of your education and to enhance your future career prospects.